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Electroplating was invented by the Italian scientist Luigi Galvani, so in his honour is also known as ‘galvanizing’. In the 18th century he discovered that direct current could be obtained from electrochemical elements. From this discovery he developed the principle used for depositing thin metallic coatings.

As a metal-working plant for the two-wheel vehicle sector and the welding accessory market, our company gained its expertise in surface treatment very early its history. The bywords high-quality and flexibility, as well as the clear advantages in scheduling independence, led to our setting up our own electroplating department.

Today we offer in the sector of electrogalvanizing a comprehensive service, ranging from the smallscale to those of large industrial corporations: vat and barrel galvanizing in passivation blue, vat and barrel galvanizing and series processes such as burr removal, tumble polishing, degreasing and etching.


Our contribution for shining results:
Modern facilities High capacity Environmentally-friendly processes
Decades of experience Individual processing Manual plating


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our own electroplating department our own electroplating department electroplated products